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Chasewater Railway Museum – 2 new mining checks

Chasewater Railway Museum 

2 new mining checks



The top one is from the Victoria Colliery of the NCB, and the second, a time check from Chislet Colliery – of a more unusual shape.

Chasewater Railway Museum – Museum Archive – An addition to our coal mining memorabilia

Chasewater Railway Museum

Museum Archive

Additions to our coal mining memorabilia
As you are no doubt aware, without the coal industry there would be no Chasewater Railway, as the original line was built for transporting coal, although passenger services were introduced from Brownhills to Aldridge via Walsall Wood. We are always glad to receive artefacts from the mining industry to display in the Museum.
Baths Invitation

The latest of such items to come our way are an invitation to the opening of the Pithead Baths at Wyrley No. 3 Colliery, Great Wyrley, on August 14th, 1954, and The Bather’s Handbook.
These items came to the Museum from a former employee of the Colliery, his first job after National Service with the RAF.







Bather’s Handbook and invitation to opening of pithead baths formerly belonged to Mr. Frank Tisdale.

Chasewater Railway Museum – Cannock Wood Paddy Train Starting Board

Chasewater Railway Museum –

Cannock Wood Paddy Train Starting Board

It’s a bit faded but well worth keeping – another item in the Chasewater Railway Museum.  From the platform at Cannock Wood.

Paddy train leavingIt says ‘The Paddy Leaves This Station at 4.30’

NCB 9The platform it departed  from.

Rails around Walsall - John Boyton -2

The original 3-coach Paddy – later it changed to 1 large coach.

Rails around Walsall - John Boyton -3

Getting off at the corner of Rugeley Road and Rawnsley Road, Bates’ Bridge is to the left of the photo.

Chasewater Railway Museum – a few old signs

Chasewater Railway Museum

A few warning signs from our collectioN


The first one is made from wood with cast iron lettering.  We do not know which railway it came from.


Next is an LNWR cast iron notice



Now a London & South Western Railway Notice – cast iron.


A Midland Railway cast iron sign


Ex NCB line between Cannock Wood and Chase Terrace. Location: Ironstone Road, up from the ‘Rag’, seen in the photo below.

To the Rag

Two photos of a sign, before restoration and nearing completion.



This was found in the mid 1960s in the Wyrley Branch of the Wyrley & Essington Canal which is now under Vernon Way, in the New Invention, Essington area. The railway crossing of the A4124 Lichfield Road from Holly Bank Colliery to the canal basin at Short heath was about 150 yards away on the other side of the M6. It seems logical to assume that this was where the sign was originally placed.



Finally, one of the Railway’s own signs, from the early days at Chasewater.


Chasewater Railway Museum – Help Required!

Chasewater Railway Museum 

Help Required!


Which Loco?

Lot 385 in the Great Central Auction at Bloxham on August 8th 2015 and described there as a wagon plate is actually an overhaul plate from the former NCB Workshops, Bestwood, Notts.

Acquired on behalf of the Chasewater Railway Museum, the brass plate is oval in shape, approx. 12″x 8″ with cast in lettering No.6  A.C.W.   E.M.D.  Overhauled with date stamped Nov. 1962.

Research using the Industrial Railway Society Handbook for Nottinghamshire leads to three possible locos which may have carried this particular plate (on the bunker side), these being locos named Valerie, Peter or Phillip – but which??

Maybe someone can help?


Chasewater Railway Museum, Another couple of items of interest, An NCB Belt and a Walsall Steam Railway Booklet

Chasewater Railway Museum,

Another couple of items of interest

The first item is a welcome addition to our collection of mining memorobelia, a leather belt with the initials ‘NCB’ stamped on it.


This was kindly donated by Rob Duffill.

The second item is a booklet about the Walsall Steam Raiway, which was found in a collection of old magazines given to the museum by Clive Smith, a long-time friend of the museum.

This was very coincidental as only about three weeks ago, our man Godfrey had found a couple of references to this railway an an old narrow gauge magazine!


From the booklet:

Walsall Steam Railway Flyer WSR Booklet cover1 2 3 4 Platform Layouts Selection of locosWSR Map of line

A couple of interesting links:


The following link was about a show in the Arboretum:


Chasewater Railway Museum – an interesting letter.

Chasewater Railway Museum – an interesting letter.


The Chasewater Railway Museum has been given a letter dated 1957 from the Cannock & Rugeley Collieries in reply to Mr. H.C.Casserley’s request for permission to visit the Colliery for photographing the locos, etc.
Mr. Casserley was a very highly regarded railway photographer who had many books published.

The letter was kindly donated to the Museum by Mr. Debens.

B15 Birch C & R 6-5-1946 H.C.Casserley
This was not to be his first visit to the Colliery as we have in our collection a photo taken by Mr. Casserley of the CRC loco ‘Birch’ dated 1946!

The coal industry was nationalised in 1947.