Chasewater Railway Museum, Another couple of items of interest, An NCB Belt and a Walsall Steam Railway Booklet

Chasewater Railway Museum,

Another couple of items of interest

The first item is a welcome addition to our collection of mining memorobelia, a leather belt with the initials ‘NCB’ stamped on it.


This was kindly donated by Rob Duffill.

The second item is a booklet about the Walsall Steam Raiway, which was found in a collection of old magazines given to the museum by Clive Smith, a long-time friend of the museum.

This was very coincidental as only about three weeks ago, our man Godfrey had found a couple of references to this railway an an old narrow gauge magazine!


From the booklet:

Walsall Steam Railway Flyer WSR Booklet cover1 2 3 4 Platform Layouts Selection of locosWSR Map of line

A couple of interesting links:

The following link was about a show in the Arboretum:

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