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Hawthorn-Leslie Asbestos & Barclay 701 Easter 2007 both rea

Hawthorn Leslie ‘Asbestos’ pulling DMU ‘Daisy’,  and Barclay No. 701, later known as No. 1964, ready for action, Easter 2007.

Chasewater Railway highly recommend taking the time during your visit to the colliery line to experience our Accredited Railway Museum, which is located in the Heritage Centre at Brownhills West Station

Chasewater Railway Museum received full accreditation in 2011 by the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council (the MLA). This award is in recognition of our volunteer’s efforts to achieve the high standards of care and of good practice expected of accredited Museums throughout the UK, and to provide a quality experience for those visitors, of all ages and interests, who come to see what the Museum has to offer.

Admission to the Museum is free and also accessible to visitors with mobility difficulties.

Visitors can view a vast array of railway items, some from as early as the 1800s. Although we try to focus on artefacts associated with the local area, with its strong links with the coal mining industry, our collections include items from much further afield. You don’t have to be an expert on railways to appreciate the inspirational displays prepared by our Museum Curator and the team of volunteer helpers.

The Museum is open on Sundays and Bank Holidays, subject to staff availability.
When the Museum is not open, it will be announced on the blog.

To confirm, the Museum will be open on Sundays and Mondays 30/4/2023 and 1/5/2023, and 7/5/2023and 8/5 2023.





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