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Another new addition to the collection – Coat of Arms, Maryort & Carlisle Railway

Another new addition to the collection,

Coat of Arms of the

Maryport & Carlisle Railway

Chasewater Railway has a 6-wheeled coach which belonged to the Maryport and Carlisle Railway, before being used as part of the Paddy Train at Cannock and Rugeley Colliery Pit at Cannock Wood.  The Coat of Arms is a long sought-after object for the Museum.

There were 27 subsidiary companies in the group of railways which made up the LMS, but only a handful of them owned locomotives and rolling stock.

The oldest was the Maryport & Carlisle, which was incorporated as long ago as 1837.  It was opened in instalments and completed throughout on 10th February 1845, eventually owning nearly 43 route miles of line.  It enjoyed an enviable dividend record, which rose to a peak of 13% in 1873, and it was one of the most prosperous of all British railways over a long period of years.  It contributed 33 locomotives, 71 coaching vehicles and 1,404 freight vehicles to the LMS.

Two early types of transfer for the decoration of the coaching stock, which was given a varnished teak external finish at the time, have been traced.  One was a conventional script monogram.  The other consisted of the initials ‘MCR’ on a red field surrounded by an Oxford blue garter with the usual gilt edging, ornamentation and legend bearing the full title.   It measures 9¼ in wide X 11¼ in high over black shading.

A livery of green with white upper panels was adopted in 1905 for the passenger train vehicles, which blended pleasantly with the green of the locomotives.  Five years later Tearnes produced for display on both an armorial device which shared with that of the Central London the distinction of embodying neither name nor motto.

The transfer measures 10¼in wide X 16¾in high and is simple and appropriate.  On an ornamental shield Maryport (top left) and Carlisle (bottom right) are quartered with the arms of J.P. Senhouse of Netherall (top right), represented by the popinjay, and those of Sir Wilfred Lawson (bottom left).  Senhouse and Lawson were the first and fourth chairmen the company had during its eighty-five years of life.

Uniform buttons carried the same device.

Chasewater Railway Museum – A 1991 Flyer for the Railway

Chasewater Railway Museum

A 1991 Flyer for the Railway

This double-sided flyer recently came to light in the museum.  It is now 25 years old and I found it to be interesting – I hope you do as well.

The running line in those days ran from the old Brownhills West Station (now in the middle of the M6 Toll) to the Willow Vale Bridge.  Push-pull obviously.



It will now be tucked away in our Chasewater Light Railway archives.

Chasewater Railway Museum – In the Stores

Chasewater Railway Museum – In the Stores

First posted in Chasewaterstuff’s Blog, 2011

 I thought I might publish a few pictures of some of the station furniture which the museum has tucked away, as do many other museums, in store.This item is a roll-fronted ticket rack from about 1938.This is a wooden chair with a Staffordshire Knot carved in the back, formerly of the North Staffs Railway.Finally for this time, another wooden chair, with a cut-out letter ‘M’ in the back, from the Midland Railway.

While it is good that the museum has these and more items in store, it would be nice to think that sometime in the future (probably distant) the museum could be extended and these items could be restored to their former glory and put on show.

Chasewater Railway Museum – Mining History Books

Chasewater Railway Museum

Mining History Books

Stand cropped

Originally posted on oakparkrunners railway & other snippets.:

Did you or any one in your family work at one of the many Coal mines in the Cannock and Rugeley Coalfield. If so why not purchase one of the Mining History Books published by the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society.

These informative books, with numerous photographs, of which there are 18 books in total, have been written  about mining, by the miners who worked at them. Each Book covers one or more of the local Collieries, and are available from Chasewater Railway Museum. please contact me if you need any further information. These books are about our Mining Heritage.

Chasewater Railway Museum – A Miscellaneous item or two

Chasewater Railway Museum

A Miscellaneous item or two

This first item was found in a grounded carriage at Whatstandwell, Derbyshire.  A frosted pane of glass from carriage toilet window. Midland Railway griffin logo on frosted pane of glass, sadly broken.

219 Mid window

Another unusual item by today’s standards, a BR No. 8 fire extinguisher.  It comes in three parts, a bucket containing special powder with removable lid and scoop to put powder on fire.




It’s amazing what bits and pieces have been collected over the years!!


Chasewater Railway Museum – Spare wheels??

Chasewater Railway Museum 

Spare wheels??

In the ‘Station Tools’ department we have some items which, on first glance, have very little to do with railways, but, rest assured, these spares came from railway station goods departments!


The first one is a common 4-spoke whell-barrow wheel, wood with a steel rim.  Very nice joints though!


The second one goes up to a 6-spoke wheel-barrow wheel, again wood with a steel rim.


The third wheel is not from a wheel-barrow but from a 4-wheeled platform trolley, made from cast iron with rubber tyre.


The final one is a very classy GWR wheel-barrow spare from Wolverhampton, made from cast iron.

Chasewater Railway Museum – National Railway Museum

Chasewater Railway Museum

National Railway Museum

Similar, but not quite the same…

DSCF1988National Railway Museum version


DSCF9294Chasewater Railway version

There’s an awful lot of stuff that they’ve got and we haven’t – but I’ve never seen a ‘Cadbury’ van there!

Chasewater Railway Museum – Some of our tokens

Chasewater Railway Museum

Some of our tokens

There is a steadily increasing collection of tokens in our collection – here are three of them.


The first one is a Midland Railway token from the Harlesden NW Goods Depot, with the name C.Clarke.


Second is a Mount Sorrel Co-op Society coal token to the value of  5/- (5 shillings or 25 pence)


Finally for this time is a token from the Salop Miners Federation, numbered 6 and dated 1919

Chasewater Railway Museum – Cuttings wanted!

Chasewater Railway Museum

Still in need of newspaper cuttings – please.

CWH in paper

This 1999 cutting is one of our last.

Anything you have to do with the Railway or Chasewater district would be much appreciated.

Chasewater Railway Museum – Latest Acquisition

Chasewater Railway Museum

Latest Acquisition


An acquisition from the Great Central Railwayana Auction at Bloxham on Saturday 16th August, 2014 was the worksplate off Baguley 3410 of 1955, the ex Marston, Thompson and Evershed Ltd four coupled 150 hp diesel locomotive which resides at Chasewater.
The plate sold was from the collection of the late Keith Buckle of Solihull, whose fine collection is being disposed of by GCR Auctions.

Below are 2 photographs of the loco

Marstons Crop2010_08310010Before and after repaint