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Chasewater Railway Museum April 2021 Newsletter

Chasewater Railway Museum – VE Day 75 Years

Chasewater Railway Museum

VE Day 75 Years

A few pictures showing something of the railways involvement during


This Southern Railway magazine is from Barry Bull’s personal collection

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue – Railway Crockery

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue

Railway Crockery

Click on the link below to see the full list

Crockery 2020 XL Files

Caption text;  Object number, name, description, creator, location.

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Chasewater Railway Museum – Spare wheels??

Chasewater Railway Museum 

Spare wheels??

In the ‘Station Tools’ department we have some items which, on first glance, have very little to do with railways, but, rest assured, these spares came from railway station goods departments!


The first one is a common 4-spoke whell-barrow wheel, wood with a steel rim.  Very nice joints though!


The second one goes up to a 6-spoke wheel-barrow wheel, again wood with a steel rim.


The third wheel is not from a wheel-barrow but from a 4-wheeled platform trolley, made from cast iron with rubber tyre.


The final one is a very classy GWR wheel-barrow spare from Wolverhampton, made from cast iron.

Chasewater Railway Museum – Signal Lever Frame

Chasewater Railway Museum

Signal Lever Frame

A very nice addition to the Museum collection was this 7-lever signal frame.


The frame came to Chasewater from the National Railway Museum in 2012.

For more details about Hemyock on the Culm Valley Light Railway, Great Western Region, click on the link below.



Chasewater Railway Museum – tea-up!

Chasewater Railway Museum


Some pictures of part of our collection of railway crockery – this time from the Great Western Railway.

356 359 361 362

Some fire-related items from the Museum collection from various railways

Some fire-related items from the Museum collection from various railways

Starting with a chimney from the furnace in the tin-smith’s shop at Stafford Road , Wolverhampton.  GWR dated 1900.

691 GWR Chimney no number

Three fireplace fenders from various offices:

572 Cam FenderCambrian Railway

1686 Fender GE

This one is from the Great Eastern Railway

574 GNR

The third fender is from the station fireplace at Stowe by Chartley, Great Northern Railway

Another item from Stowe by Chartley on the Great Northern Railway is this stove door.

1682 Stove door

Another stove door – from the North Staffs Railway

1857 NSR Stove door

And finally, This North Staffs Railway stove – complete with kettle (very heavy!!)

NSR Stove Crop

Chasewater Railway Museum – From the Archives Folder

Chasewater Railway Museum 

From the Archives Folder

In the museum there are a lot of boxes containing archive paperwork, but these boxes have already been cleaned, dried and sorted by David Bathurst before I enter them on our database.  This folder is different – and so are the contents.  The boxes are sorted into companies but the folder isn’t!  When I first saw it, I thought that it was a folder of luggage labels – straight forward – but as I turned the pages I could see that not only were they not all luggage labels but they were also from different companies,  this made life more difficult as it was not straightforward but also a lot more interesting, with some companies I had never heard of and all sorts of information – I just had to read them all to see what they were all about!

Luggage Labels

Luggage Labels

I thought that they were all luggage labels like these!

Then the next one came along, an 1874 quote for rates to carry manure!!  I have stared at the word long and hard and can’t think of anything else it could be.


Then came the Great Western Horse Department!


Now,  an advice note from the Barrow Steam Navigation Company, dated 1899, for transport from Belfast to Skipton.


And finally for this time, an 1876  enquiry from the Bristol & Exeter Railway Company about the cost of transport from Staffordshire.  Asking how the 9/7 is made up.  That’s the old money version, in new money it’s 48p!


Museum Item first published December 2010 – GWR New Year Greeting Message 1928

This greeting was first published on the ‘chasewaterstuff’ blog in December 2010 and, as it is the New Year season, it seems a good time to repeat it.

This piece of memorabilia from Barry Bull is a greetings message from the General Manager of the Great Western Railway 1921-1929, Sir Felix John Clewett Pole, to all members of staff for the year 1928.

The first two inside pages.Third page.Final page.