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Cartoons for Wagon Depts.

Cartoons for Wagon Depts.

Taken from a book by:

Wagon Repairs Ltd – At your Service (1939)

To carry out in the UK or elsewhere the trade or business of repairing, rebuilding, reconstruction, painting, altering, converting, equipping, adapting, making fit for traffic, supplying and dealing with railway and other wagons, trucks, corves, carriages, trolleys, vans and vehicles, and repairing wheels, axles and components

To carry out in the UK the building and constructing of new railway and other wagons.

Wagon Repairs Limited continued to be a vital national asset during the frantic days of World War II and continued during the period of austerity that followed for as long as wooden wagons needed repairing.

Chasewater Railway Museum Newsletter, April 2018

Chasewater Railway Museum

Newsletter, April 2018

The first post from another Steam Railway Forum with Chasewater Connections – Spring, Summer 1976

The first post from another Steam Railway Forum With Chasewater Connections

Spring, Summer 1976

The signals are set to go on the Chasewater Light Railway in Staffordshire.  Members have just launched a big recruiting campaign to get a larger labour force together for working on the picturesque railway around Chasewater Pool, near Brownhills.  Throughout the winter, work has taken place in the compound and on the track.

The Society was heartened when their Maryport and Carlisle Railway coach of 1875 was accepted for the S&D Rail 150 Exhibition.  It is believed to be the sole surviving stock from that company.

The Society has just re-vamped its own magazine to produce an unusual, yet chatty, style which should go down well with supporters!

Invicta – pic Mike Wood

Chasewater’s Barclay 0-4-0ST No.2220 of 1946, on which members have been working this winter.


Maryport and Carlisle Railway six-wheel third (No.11 of 1875), pride of the Chasewater Collection, before its journey to the S&D Rail 150 exhibition at Shildon.   Pic – Mike Wood


One of Chasewater Railway’s unusual shunters is this tiny 0-4-0 diesel with spartan conditions for its driver.


A rare LNWR slotted post signal from the National Coal Board’s Cannock Wood Colliery, Rawnsley, now preserved on the Chasewater Light Railway.  Pic: Mike Wood

Chasewater Railway Museum – Newsletter, February and March 2018

Chasewater Railway Museum

Newsletter, February and March 2018


Chasewater Railway Museum – Acquisition from the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society

Chasewater Railway Museum

Acquisition from the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society

This is the latest, and probably the last, book to be published by the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society.

The Cannock Chase Coalfield has been covered by the series of books written by various authors over the past few years.  They are all on sale in the Chasewater Railway Museum, which is open on train running days.

Mick Drury, who wrote this book, and others in the series, starting with the Conduit and Littleton Collieries, followed by William Harrison Company Ltd., The Lesser Known Coalmines of the Cannock Chase Coalfield, Cannock Old Coppice Colliery (Hawkins Colliery) and, with the late Jack Sunley and Maurice Davies, Education, Training and Rescue in the Cannock Chase Coalfield.

The Cannock Chase Coalfield was fully covered by this series of books from the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society and this left Mick, who was instrumental in the formation of the Society and, for a time, Chairman, with the completion of this book ‘Boots All My Life’.

All of the books are available in the Chasewater Railway Museum (‘Boots All My Life’ – £14.00) or by using the link below.

The book is priced: £14.00 + p&p.

And is available by contacting Alan Dean on: or

Chasewater Railway Museum – Chasewater Railway in Railway Forum, Summer 1966

Chasewater Railway Museum 

Chasewater Railway in Railway Forum, Summer 1966

The items in this post were found in one of the old magazines in the museum archives.

Chasewater Branch Progress by RPS Midlands Area

Good progress has been made by the Midland area members of the Railway Preservation Society on the Chasewater Light Railway Branch which will be used to display their rolling stock and to run locomotives.

During the Winter months, however, only a few real stalwart members continue to lift and re-lay track despite the cold and wet conditions. Weather permitting, working parties were held on Saturday afternoons. The Hon.Sec. (Mr.D.A.Ives) has emphasised that track laying must continue at full pace if the length is to be completed as scheduled by April.

The Chasewater party comprises 12 regular members, who are now resigned to the fact that the job will have to be completed by them, and them alone.

A strong steel door has been fitted to the platelayers’ hut at Chasewater where it is intended to store all the platelayers’ tools.

Latest reports indicate that the job will be complete on schedule.  Negotiations are taking place with a view to erecting a permanent building at Chasewater in the near future which will be used to house all the locomotives and rolling stock.

At the Society’s Hednesford depot, regular Winter maintenance is being undertaken to the vehicles.  Further relics have been added to the interior display of the travelling post office vehicle.

Members are being urged to give the Society full support during 1966 to enable the projects to be carried through.

Mr. Frank Harvey, a member of the Midlands Area, Railway Preservation Society, made this door for the Maryport and Carlisle Railway coach now being restored.

An early picture of two historic coaches prior to their restoration by the Midlands area Railway Preservation Society.

They are: right the Maryport and Carlisle Railway coach and the Great Eastern Railway third class brake.  Photos taken at Rawnsley, Cannock by R.C.Riley March 1960.

Details of the ‘Railway Forum’ film theatre recently published in the magazine have resulted in a number of inquiries from readers.  Picture above is a section of the auditorium showing the projection box.  The cinema, which is at the RPS depot at Hednesford, Staffordshire, is open during the summer months and can hold 18 people.  Special programmes are screened on railway subjects to visiting parties by appointment.

Three film sizes can be shown: 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm (sound).  Facilities are also available for cutting and splicing.  Latest film to be produced commemorates the centenary of the Talyllyn Railway.

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue – Publications

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue 


This category does not include Chasewater Railway magazines, they are in the ‘CLR Archives’ category, to be published later.

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