Chasewater Railway Museum – Help Required!

Chasewater Railway Museum 

Help Required!


Which Loco?

Lot 385 in the Great Central Auction at Bloxham on August 8th 2015 and described there as a wagon plate is actually an overhaul plate from the former NCB Workshops, Bestwood, Notts.

Acquired on behalf of the Chasewater Railway Museum, the brass plate is oval in shape, approx. 12″x 8″ with cast in lettering No.6  A.C.W.   E.M.D.  Overhauled with date stamped Nov. 1962.

Research using the Industrial Railway Society Handbook for Nottinghamshire leads to three possible locos which may have carried this particular plate (on the bunker side), these being locos named Valerie, Peter or Phillip – but which??

Maybe someone can help?

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