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Chasewater Railway Museum – Newer Items now on Display.

Chasewater Railway Museum – Newer Items now on Display.


This small Dinky model train, now in Cabinet 2 was given to the Museum by Mrs. Ros Frewer from Tamworth.  It looks right at home with its larger, 0 and 00 scale, exhibits.

These two wagon owner’s plates, are now in place on the pillar on the left wall (P2) as you enter the Museum.  The ‘Stafford Coal & Iron’ plate was purchased by Barry Bull, the other ‘Littleton Colliery’ plate, donated by Keith Sargeant.

Chasewater Railway Museum – three new models

Chasewater Railway Museum

Three new models – Hornby ‘0’ Gauge

Our Curator has been busy again, acquiring 3 new (to us) Hornby ‘0’ gauge model wagons.


The first one is a Hopper Wagon, with its box.


The next one is a Lowfit wagon, with cable drum and box.


The final one is a ‘Pool’ Tank Wagon, this time without its box.

They are all in the museum, in Display Cabinet 2.

Chasewater Railway Museum – Meccano Loans

Chasewater Railway Museum 

Meccano Loans

This particular exhibit was with us a few years ago and has now re-appeared on the Memories of Burntwood Facebook Group page.



Eugene Damon – Peter Styche, Hi Ya – yes you are correct it is a Chinese South Seeking Chariot. They used to use them about 2000 years ago to keep their bearings when crossing the deserts, When it is on the move it can turn left or right up or down or do a full circle but the pointer will stay on the target that was selected This model in the photo was made in 2010 by a member of Chasewater Light Railway, Do any of you know how it works?  If not, why not pay a visit to the museum at the railway were it will be on display for a short while and the staff will give you a little demo on how it works, as it would take a little too long and to complex about the gearing to explain on here.

More Meccano in the Museum

The top three have been with us for a while – everything works on the crane, the wheels go round on the locomotive, but sadly the ship won’t float!!


Chasewater Railway Museum- more new stuff

Chasewater Railway Museum- more new stuff

Three more items for the collection, one in the Commercial Equipment case and the other two, Hornby models.


This first one is an unusually shaped inkwell, brown earthenware marked GER (Great Eastern Railway)


Secondly, a Hornby ‘0’ gauge Junction Signal.


Finally, a Hornby ‘0’ gauge Water Crane.  ( In my youthful (!) innocence I have always thought of them as water towers, but people who know about such things tell me that they are water cranes).

Chasewater Railway Museum – More Stuff

Chasewater Railway Museum

More Stuff


A very nice bridge plate from the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway


A sign warning against trespassing from the South Eastern & Chatham Railway Companies

DSCF1022 2 DSCF1024 4

Finally for this time, a couple of Hornby Dublo wagons to add to the collection