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Chasewater Railway Museum – August 2020 Newsletter

Chasewater Railway Museum

August 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter number 55 – still finding some stuff to put on but struggling a bit now!!

Chasewater Railway Museum – October 2016 Newsletter

Chasewater Railway Museum 

October 2016 Newsletter

The months certainly seem to fly by – it will soon be time to write the Christmas newsletter – Liam will tell you how many days to go, if Godfrey doesn’t beat him to it!!


The ‘already described’ items include a couple of fliers, and photographs and three Hornby models.

Also we had a bottle from Lockett & Sons of Cannock, complete with marble in the neck.




Chasewater Railway Museum – three new models

Chasewater Railway Museum

Three new models – Hornby ‘0’ Gauge

Our Curator has been busy again, acquiring 3 new (to us) Hornby ‘0’ gauge model wagons.


The first one is a Hopper Wagon, with its box.


The next one is a Lowfit wagon, with cable drum and box.


The final one is a ‘Pool’ Tank Wagon, this time without its box.

They are all in the museum, in Display Cabinet 2.

Chasewater Railway Museum – A further addition to our model collection

Chasewater Railway Museum 

A further addition to our model collection


The latest addition to the Chasewater Railway Museum collection of Hornby ’0’ gauge is a slightly careworn and minus one buffer Pratts motor spirit tank wagon in green livery, representing the Anglo American Oil Company brand.

Reference to the New Cavendish publication in the Hornby Companion series shows that this particular example could only have been produced during the period 1923-1929, which means that it is the oldest ‘0’gauge Hornby wagon in the collection.

It came at the reasonable purchase price of £13.50


Chasewater Railway Museum- more new stuff

Chasewater Railway Museum- more new stuff

Three more items for the collection, one in the Commercial Equipment case and the other two, Hornby models.


This first one is an unusually shaped inkwell, brown earthenware marked GER (Great Eastern Railway)


Secondly, a Hornby ‘0’ gauge Junction Signal.


Finally, a Hornby ‘0’ gauge Water Crane.  ( In my youthful (!) innocence I have always thought of them as water towers, but people who know about such things tell me that they are water cranes).