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Chasewater Railway Museum – August 2020 Newsletter

Chasewater Railway Museum

August 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter number 55 – still finding some stuff to put on but struggling a bit now!!

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue – Great Central Railway (GC) Objects

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue

Great Central Railway (GC) Objects

Objects from the Great Central Railway in the Museum.  Some of the photographs were taken at Chasewater Railway and given to the Museum by someone at the Great Central Railway.

Click on the link below to see the full list

GC Objects 2020 XL Files

Caption text: Object number, name, description, location in the museum.

Click on a picture to see a larger image, the click on the side arrow to move on.


Chasewater Railway Museum’s Latest Acquisitions

Chasewater Railway Museum’s Latest Acquisitions

Not quite the size of the item on the previous post but we like them anyway!

10763 crop

The first one is an NUR badge, 0.75″ round from about 1940.  It is made from tin with plastic covering.

10762 crop

This one is a Great Central Railway badge, 1″ diameter, for Railway Service during  World War 1