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Chasewater Railway Museum – Newer Items now on Display.

Chasewater Railway Museum – Newer Items now on Display.


This small Dinky model train, now in Cabinet 2 was given to the Museum by Mrs. Ros Frewer from Tamworth.  It looks right at home with its larger, 0 and 00 scale, exhibits.

These two wagon owner’s plates, are now in place on the pillar on the left wall (P2) as you enter the Museum.  The ‘Stafford Coal & Iron’ plate was purchased by Barry Bull, the other ‘Littleton Colliery’ plate, donated by Keith Sargeant.

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue – Models

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue


A collection of railway models, mostly on show in the museum.  More photographs will be added.

Click on the link below to see the full list

Models 2020 XL Files

Caption text – Object number, name, description, maker, location.

Click on a photo to see a larger version.

Items numbered 2000+ are on loan.