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More Photographs from Steve Organ’s Collection.

More Photographs from Steve Organ’s Collection.

We have received a number of photographs from Steve’s collection and are sorting out those which will be added to our collection.  There are also photos on other subjects which we may well post over time.

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Chasewater Railway Museum – the new Brownhills West Station in use

Chasewater Railway Museum

The new Brownhills West Station in use

Between September 2000 and September 2001 an enormous amount of work was done on the Chasewater Railway, from the old station being closed and demolished to make way for the M6 Toll Road to the new station being open for business!

Well done everyone involved, especially, as far as this blog is concerned, photographer Jim Higgins.

Now on to Chasewater Heaths!

Chasewater Railway Museum – Station finished outside, now to go inside!

Chasewater Railway Museum

Station finished outside, now to go inside!

Now that the new Brownhills West Station was pretty much finished on the outside, it was time for the plasterers, chippies and painters to get going on the inside!

Fortunately for us, Jim Higgins was there with his camera.

Chasewater Railway Museum – More photos – station built!

Chasewater Railway Museum

More photos – station built!

Another 9 photos of the new station at Brownhills West.

A selection showing the building of the new station from scaffold to external completion.

But there’s still a fair bit to do inside!   That’s for the next selection.



Chasewater Railway Museum – More from the Photograph Collection

Chasewater Railway Museum

DMU Chasewater

More from the Photograph Collection

The first three photos in this selection show what a mess was left when the old station came down.  What to do about it – stick a motorway through it!  It didn’t quite happen that way, more like – shift your railway so we can build a motorway!

The fourth photo shows a line put in to move the rolling stock from the old depot to the new one., as shown in the next two photos.

The final three show the beginings of the new Brownhills West station and yard.

Our thanks again to the family of Arthur (Jim) Higgins for giving this collection to the Chasewater Railway Museum.Old Brownhills West,New Brownhills West staion,