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Chasewater Railway Museum – Nice New Acquisition

Chasewater Railway Museum 

Nice New Acquisition

This latest acquisition is a very welcome addition to the Museum’s collection of local Cannock Chase items.

Nameplate:  Foggo, 1946, from a standard gauge 0-4-2ST built at the Chasetown workshops of the Cannock Chase Colliery Co.Ltd. in 1946, using parts supplied by Beyer Peacock, together with spare parts accumulated over the years from similar locomotives already at work at the colliery.  The name derives from Mr. Foggo, the General Manager of the company at the time and the nameplate incorporates the year of build.  It became National Coal Board property on 1st January, 1947.  Transferred to Coppice Colliery in early 1954 and to Brereton Colliery later the year.  Scrapped by W.H.Arnott Young in January 1961.  Cast Brass, 21½”x 8¾”, the front repainted.


Chasewater Railway Museum – Tokens

Chasewater Railway Museum


The Museum has been given a number of tokens from local outlets.


Tokens were issued by merchants in payment for goods with the agreement that they would be redeemed in goods to an equivalent value at the merchants’ own outlets. The transaction is therefore one of barter, with the tokens playing a role of convenience, allowing the seller to receive his goods at a rate and time convenient to himself and the merchant, to tie the holder of the token coin to his shop.

Generally, they have a merchant’s name or initials, sometimes a town and state, and a value legend (such as “3p” or other denomination) somewhere on the token. Types of merchants that issued tokens included general stores, grocers, department stores, dairies, meat markets, drug stores, saloons, bars, taverns, barbers, coal mines, and many other businesses.

Who would have believed it?? – A very unusual occurence

Who would have believed it??

A very unusual occurrence

A sight very rarely seen in railway circles – Barry Bull dropping a slice of cake.  A very tasty piece of gateau by the look of it – the look on Barry’s face says it all!!


Cake cropped

Good splat, eh??

We all know how clean Barry keeps the floor in the museum but we believe that he resisted the temptation to carry on with his snack – although it was replaced on the plate!!


Barry not only wiped the floor, but even polished it with his knees!!