Chasewater Railway Museum – Our small brick collection.

Chasewater Railway Museum

Our small brick collection.

CW 26

The Chasewater Railway runs on all that is left of a comprehensive railway system serving the local collieries.

In Chasewater Railway Museum we have a small collection of bricks from local brickyards.

The railway existed to carry coal from the local pits to the canals or to main line sidings. A number of these local pits had their own brickworks, and bricks from these yards are those which we like to collect, although we do have some bricks from further afield.

The final photographs for this batch are 2 from the Cannock Chase Colliery Co. Ltd.  This Company produced bricks in 3 patterns,  CCCC  CCC Co and CCC  As you can see, we have 2 of them but if anyone has need of a home for a CCC brick we would be very grateful. (Or any other local bricks, please)  The museum is open each Sunday.




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