Chasewater Railway Museum – Another Nameplate

Chasewater Railway Museum

Another Nameplate


Carol Ann No.1

or, as she started out in life,

Carol Ann No.5

0-6-0ST Hunslet 1821/1936. Bought new. Still at Holly Bank 1957 – since scrapped.
Robert Nelson No.4 and Carol Ann No.5 (Hunslet 0-6-0ST 1800 and 1821 respectively, built 1936) were named after the Colliery Manager’s two children.
On transfer to Littleton Colliery in NCB days – November 1959 – Carol Ann was renumbered ‘1’ by grinding the ‘5’ off the nameplate and screwing in a ‘1’. This was because Littleton already had a loco ‘Littleton No.5’

05212 Carol Ann No.5 HE 0-6-0ST1821-1936 Holly Bank 05213 Carol Ann No.1 0-6-0ST Pic Stan Cartwright

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