Chasewater Railway Museum – May Additions 1

Chasewater Railway Museum

May Additions – 1

William Roberts, Station Brewery, Brownhills.

(and a number of pubs!)

Peter Hucker, brother of our man Godfrey, and his wife have recently given the Chasewater Railway Museum a part of a mug with William Roberts’ Station Brewery information painted on it. Sadly it is incomplete but the most interesting part of it is there. It was found some years ago behind the, as it was then, Hussey Arms.

It adds to our other few relics of William Roberts, namely 2 teaspoons, given by Marion Harrison


and some bottles, which have been with us for some time.

Green BottleClear Eliptical Bottle
The trade mark on the mug can also be seen on the window of the ‘Shoulder of Mutton’ public house in Church Road, Brownhills.

Mutton window
For much more information about William Roberts go to:

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