Chasewater Railway Museum – Some more April donations.

Chasewater Railway Museum

Some more April donations.

We were given these items over the weekend By Graham Wilkes, and, except for the badge, local stuff.DSCF0186

The badge is a NUR Orpington Branch, dated summer 1989.


This is a train staff ticket for the Littleworth Railway giving authorisation to travel from Wimblebury Junction to Cooper’s Lodge Junction.

The final 4 items are single train tickets from local destinations to Walsall.DSCF0190DSCF0191DSCF0196DSCF0193

The prices vary from 10d to 1/3d, these days approximately 4p to 6p.

The last ticket is interesting in that it is a ‘Forces Leave’ single from Brindley Heath.  This station was situated between Hednesford and Rugeley at the bottom of the notorious ‘Kitbag Hill’, so called because the first job new recruits arriving for training had to do was to lug their kitbags up a fairly steep and long hill.

The photograph below was taken by a long-time friend of Chasewater Railway, the late Roger Shenton.

Brindley Heath Station 2

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