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Chasewater Railway Museum – 2 new photographs

Chasewater Railway Museum

2 new photographs

Brereton Sidinngs Signal Box

Brereton Sidinngs Signal Box

The first photo is another photo of Brereton Sidings signal box.

Edward Dorricott paid £2.50 for the photo and gave it straight to Barry Bull.

Edward Dorricott is the author of te recently published book on Duttons Signal Works, Worcester, in which Chasewater Railway Museum gets more than one mention.


This second photo has a couple of question marks hanging over it, which I hope we may get answers to.

‘Captain Midnight’ is a former naval officer named Glover, but we are not sure of his rank – possibly Lieutenant Commander or Commander.

Thank you Pete Styche for the following information:  GLOVER Gerald (Lt. Commander R. N. Rtd.) Passed away 12th October 2014 aged 76 years.

He was an occasional benefactor of the Railway, whenever he paid a visit there was always a donation in the box and maybe some good magazines donated.

The next question is who is his friend?

And finally, where was the photo taken?


Acquisitions – A couple of signal box nameboards


A couple of local signal box nameboards have arrived at the Museum recently.DSCF9100DSCF9123DSCF9122

Another picture of Brereton Sidings Signal Box

Another picture of Brereton Sidings Signal Box

5837 Vanguard at Brereton Sidings after pit closure

Among a few photos of Brereton Colliery was this one of loco ‘Vanguard’

(0-4-0ST Peckett  1491/1917  Acquired from Royal Arsenal, Woolwich  1920.  Still at Brereton Coll. 1957, since scrapped.)

sitting by the Brereton Sidings signal box.  This was taken by Don Dutton in 1960, after the closure of the pit.  Don was the driver, ‘Perce’ Vernon (shunter), George Wilshaw (shunter) and George Blackburn (Boilersmith).