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Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue – Reference Library

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue

Reference Library

The Museum is building a collection of books, booklets and information sheets which in the future may be used for reference purposes.  These are being selected by the curator from amongst the many books which are kindly donated to the museum, either for resale or retention.

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Reference Library – XL Files 14-4-2018

Caption text – Object number, name, description, creator and location.

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Chasewater Railway Museum – More New Items

Chasewater Railway Museum 

More New Items

Books, bricks, pay tokens, even a chunk of tram rail – all sorts coming into the museum.

A quick explanation of these items: the first book is the TPO one mentioned on the chasewaterstuff blog, the next Volume 2 of a Century of (local) Railways – a bit of luck, we already have Volume 1.

Next, one of 3 black and white photos of Asbestos, taken by Robin Stewart Smith in 1993, then a decorative brick – made in Birmingham ( we prefer colliery-made bricks but don’t turn many away!).  Then a British Transport Commission blue enamelled sign and a Hem Heath lamp token, followed by Littleton Colliery Sidings signal box diagram.  A couple of Midland Railway books next – 1 the MR on postcards and 2 an Illustrated History of Midland Wagons.  A token from the Salop Miners’ Federation (1919) is next followed by another book – ‘The Signal Box’ by the Signalling Study Group, and finally for this time, a length of tram rail, given to us by Frank Jennings, a long-time friend of the railway.  We don’t know where it’s from at the moment!