Chasewater Railway Museum – More New Items

Chasewater Railway Museum 

More New Items

Books, bricks, pay tokens, even a chunk of tram rail – all sorts coming into the museum.

A quick explanation of these items: the first book is the TPO one mentioned on the chasewaterstuff blog, the next Volume 2 of a Century of (local) Railways – a bit of luck, we already have Volume 1.

Next, one of 3 black and white photos of Asbestos, taken by Robin Stewart Smith in 1993, then a decorative brick – made in Birmingham ( we prefer colliery-made bricks but don’t turn many away!).  Then a British Transport Commission blue enamelled sign and a Hem Heath lamp token, followed by Littleton Colliery Sidings signal box diagram.  A couple of Midland Railway books next – 1 the MR on postcards and 2 an Illustrated History of Midland Wagons.  A token from the Salop Miners’ Federation (1919) is next followed by another book – ‘The Signal Box’ by the Signalling Study Group, and finally for this time, a length of tram rail, given to us by Frank Jennings, a long-time friend of the railway.  We don’t know where it’s from at the moment!

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