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Chasewater Railway Museum – our latest book

Chasewater Railway Museum – our latest book


This book of photographs, by J.B.Bucknall, includes many pictures of local interest, and it was thought it would be a good addition to our collection.

One photo is of particular interest to Chasewater Railway members as it shows a coal train leaving West Cannock  5s pit, heading for the Hednesford Yard, and in front of the engine can be seen the first headquarters of the Railway Preservation Society (West Midlands Division), where the Society stayed rent-free for 10 years Courtesy of Charles Ives, Penkridge Engineering) before moving to Chasewater, and changing its name to the Chasewater Light Railway Society and later to the Chasewater Light Railway and Museum Company.

Coal train leaving W Cannock RPS

The building (between the 2 telegraph poles), which is still standing, consisted of brick pillars and a roof, but now the spaces between the pillars have been bricked up.

Chasewater Railway Museum – One from the scrapbook

Chasewater Railway Museum

One from the scrapbook

While Jo was doing her usual Tuesday stint on the museum scrapbook,  a book, which was an anonymous donation over the weekend, came to light.DSCF9036

DSCF9009When Barry saw it, he recognised the book and the name of the author – Ken Judkins – a member of Chasewater Railway a long time ago.  He had also seen a photo in the paper of the launch of the book in 1989, which Jo had put into the scrapbook.Ken Judkins

A nice coincidence!