Chasewater Railway Museum – 3 from our photo collection

Chasewater Railway Museum

3 from our photo collection

Chasewater Heaths

The first two photos were obviously taken in the early stages of development of the site of the station and of the by-pass.

In this first photo, on the left hand side, you can see the platform edge – on the right is the Burntwood ring-road taking shape. Taken around 2000.

5883 crop

The second photo, taken from the platform edge, is pointing towards Chasetown, Church Street and the Rugby Club.

5892 crop

Chasewater Heaths in operation, with Hudswell Clark- Port Talbot 0-6-0ST No. 26 (GWR 813) – taking a freight train through towards Brownhills West. Taken in 2009.

813 Taking a freight train through Chasewater Heaths

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