Chasewater Railway Museum – A photo from abroad.

Chasewater Railway Museum

A photo from abroad.

In 2012 the museum received a photograph with a note from Tony Potter in Canada.  These are reproduced below:

5792 - McClean no number for blog

Note no number

Many thanks to Tony Potter.

The Cannock Chase Colliery Co. bought 5 engines from the Beyer Peacock Company between 1856 and 1872. These were all saddle tanks with an 0-4-2 wheel arrangement favoured by the CCCC.

The first loco was named ‘McClean’ after the founder of the company and was number 28 of 1856, acquired new. Worked at the Coppice Colliery in 1949 and finally scrapped by the NCB at Chasetown in 1956 – 100 years old.

The others were : Chawner’,  McClean’s partner, ‘Alfred Paget’ (Paget was the family name of the Marquis of Anglesey.  This was not the Neilson at Chasewater Railway, but the name was saved), ‘Brown’ – named after the Manager and Chief Engineer around the late 1860s, and ‘Anglesey’

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