3 Photos – New to us

Chasewater Railway Museum

3 Photos – New to us

3 photographs came into the museum over the weekend, I think from the bric-a-brac on Brownhills West Station.

Hanbury in the snow

The first one is the Peckett loco ‘Hanbury’  of the West Cannock No. 5 Colliery,  No.587 of 1894, looking cool!

Wimblebury Rawnsley Road

Next is the Hunslet, ‘Wimblebury’ pictured on the Rawnsley Road on the way to Cannock Wood.  No.3839 of 1956.  Note the ‘frog-eye’ Austin Healey Sprite coming through on the inside!

Wimblebury smoke

Finally, another study of ‘Wimblebury’ – hope nobody’s got their washing out!

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