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Chasewater Railway Museum – Derrick Humpheson, Craftsman

Chasewater Railway Museum

Derrick Humpheson, Craftsman


As can be seen from this series of photographs, Derrick is a very good man to have on your side if you need something restoring from rotten to as good as new.
These 2 Tyer’s Electric Train Tablet Cases were in an awful state when Derrick started work on them, but when he had finished they looked brand new.
They will be put to work in signal boxes on Chasewater Railway
Tyer’s Instruments


An instrument was placed at each end of the single-track section that they were to control. They were connected together electrically in such a way that operation of one would depend on operations carried out using the other.
There were various incarnations of instruments developed by Tyer & Co.


Trolley CropIn 1981, Derrick was in charge of the restoration of our Pump Trolley while at the West Bromwich College of Commerce &Technology.

DerrickThere have been times, however, when perhaps Derrick wanted more involvement with the running of the Railway! Maybe getting ideas above his station!!