Chasewater Railway Museum – ‘New to us’ local wagon labels.

Chasewater Railway Museum 

‘New to us’ local wagon labels.

This first label is, in our opinion, the star of this collection.  It dates from 1876 and covers a wagon of coal from Cannock Chase Colliery to Lyons Hall in Herefordshire.  Addressed to Mr. Saxty, the Station Master at the time and with the old spelling of double ‘g’ in waggon.  My thanks to Chris H.E.Smith of the website. (Well worth a visit)

Wagon Label Cannock Chase Coll to Lyons Hall 1876

The other Cannock Chase Colliery label is the later style from the early 1900s. There are others from Brereton Collieries, Cannock & Leacroft Colliery, Coppice Colliery, Conduit Colliery, Littleton Colliery and West Cannock Colliery.

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