Museum Exhibits – Sectioned model steam loco

Museum Exhibits

This item was given to the Chasewater Railway Museum by a gentleman from Cannock, Staffs in 2009 and is on display in the museum.

849 Sectioned Model in museum

This model was purchased by the donor from the makers in Bury, Lancs in 1979.   It was produced along with 3 other models for Bangladesh Railways, but was not sent due to there being no Letter of Credit forthcoming.  The other 3 were probably scrapped.  It is loosely based on a Royal Scot Class locomotive.

One response to “Museum Exhibits – Sectioned model steam loco

  1. Elizabeth Curlisa

    I have an old London & north eastern railway co porters trolley that has wooden spoke wheels and seems like it could be turn of the century? Don’t know its history only that I am interested in selling it. I am however in Queensland Australia. Where can I find some enthusiasts that may be interested?? Cheers Liz

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