Collection of Vintage Model Vehicles.

John Dunn, a gentleman from the Walsall area, has donated to the Museum, his collection of model buses and commercial vehicles.

The collection of around 40 vehicles, which are are all boxed and certified, will be displayed in the museum, a few at a time on a rotation basis.

One of the local buses is a Wolverhampton Corporation Transport, Guy Arab of around the 1940’s.


The Arab was produced by Guy Motors of Wolverhampton, who manufactured Cars, Lorries, and PSV vehicles at Fallings Park from 1914, until their closure in 1982.

Another local bus is a West Bromwich C0rporation Transport, Daimler CW of around the same era.

West Brom

Daimler buses, with their distinctive design of a fluted top radiator, were built at Radford in Coventry, and merged with Leyland in 1968.

In 1973 the Coventry factory closed, and all bus manufacture moved to the Leyland works in Preston.


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