Chasewater Railway Museum – Ha’penny Billy’s Bridge Token

Chasewater Railway Museum

Ha’penny Billy’s Bridge Token

Another fairly recent acquisition – a different kind of token!


10798 No Number

The bridge and footpath were known locally as Ha’penny Billy’s bridge as a halfpenny was charged for any member of the public using the footpath.

The bridge was over the River Derwent and the footpath ran beside the Merchants’ Quay, over the bridge and alongside the railway to ‘Oldside’, comprising of a few cottages built near the old works originally belonging to the Steel Works.

The tolls were collected by a disabled man but did not amount to much so the footpath was closed. This would appear to have been done in March 1928. The tokens were apparently issued to Company servants.

From BR Magazine (LM Region) 12/56

Ha’penny Billy’s bridge 3Tuesday evening’s 6M22 Hunterston – Sellafield flask train rumbles across the newly repainted Ha’penny Billy’s bridge over the River Derwent behind a rather scruffy pair of Class 20s, Nos.20302 & 20304.
Richie B

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