On Display in the Chasewater Railway Museum

 On Display in the Chasewater Railway Museum

Matches 016

Recently a picture of matchstick models of Bass Railway items was shown on this page.  It seemed only fair to show the other items at present in the Chasewater Railway Museum.

Jinty Bass Loco Coach Coal Truck

Part of a collection of models built entirely from wooden matchsticks – even the display cases – loaned to Chasewater Railway Museum by Mr. Peter Marshall.

2012_07070057 2012_07070053

The other models are also from Peter’s collection.  The photos were taken at the 2012 Chasewater railway Model Railway Exhibition.  Some again built from matchsticks, and the others, believe it or not, from cardboard!

2012_07070052 2012_07070049 2012_07070051

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