Chasewater Railway Museum. Taken from the first ‘Mercian’ Jan/ Feb 1962


Chasewater Reservoir – full up again, January 2013

Chasewater Railway Museum.

Archive No.2

Taken from the first ‘Mercian’ Jan/Feb 1962

Bi-Monthly News-sheet for the Midlands District of the RPA

In my previous post I reported that the Railway Preservation Society was in future to be called the Railway Preservation Association. For some reason, four times on the first page of the first ‘Mercian’ the RPS is referred to – curious.
The idea was to publish the News-sheet by the 23rd of each bi-month. Anyone who takes on the job of Editor of a news-sheet or magazine of this type has my greatest admiration (and sympathy!) as they always seem to struggle for articles after the initial burst of enthusiasm.

Progress report to date during 1961

Good progress has been made at our Hednesford depot, accomplishments to date include track lowering, to allow the stabling under cover of the Webb Coal Tank and our own TPO van, this vehicle has a lot more work to be done on it, but it has now been completed in undercoat livery of the LNWR on one side. This was done by the very able direction of our Assistant Depot Master, and the woodwork renovations being done by our Hon. Treasurer, Frank Harvey. The interior of the TPO is now in good shape due to the efforts of our Chairman, Arthur Chatfield. Incidentally, he could do with some more help in this direction. How about it some of you people who have not yet shown up?

CRC  11M & C

Work continues on the Maryport & Carlisle coach, this is slow work and is mainly due to lack of materials which are most costly, perhaps any members who could help out in these matters in cash or kind would they kindly contact me? Glass, wood and hardboard are most urgently required.

The Great Eastern brake has now been converted to a temporary workshop, and part is the museum. It now has a genuine relic in the form of an LNWR signal box stove which has proved a most useful asset during this winter period.

John Elsley, the Assistant Depot Master and his usual few stalwarts namely, Bob Wormington, Terry Jones, David Bradbury, John Bradbury and Fred Lewis continue to press on with tracklaying in spite of the recent cold snap, all you people interested in tracklaying, now is your chance to give a hand.

Mention must be made last but by no means least of Maurice Harper and Brian Kinder who are always at hand to help out with any task which might crop up. The tea is always made by these men and it is most appreciated by all the working parties.

A final word of gratitude to our President Charles E. Ives (no relation to David Ives) who so kindly allows the Society free and complete use of the depot. Good luck to you all in 1962.
David A. Ives Hon. Sec.

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