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Three old photos – pre-Chasewater Heaths

Three old photos

pre-Chasewater Heaths

These photos came from Steve Organ’s Collection

Going round the bend (!) towards Chasewater Heaths.  Looks like Arthur Edwards in Hi-Viz, don’t know the other chap – sorry.

A shot of the pld Brownhills West station with, I believe, Kim Wilkins.

P.Way gang with DL7, I think.  There are two chaps who I don’t know, those I do know are Arthur Edwards, David Bathurst, the 2 don’t knows, then Dave Pearson, Les Emery and, at the front, a young helper, Jim Bates and Andy Clegg – not forgetting Beckie.

Chasewater Railway Museum – They work ’em hard!!


Chasewater Railway Museum

They used to work ’em hard at Chasewater!

A joke…   I think…..





Chasewater Railway Museum – one from the photo collection

Chasewater Railway Museum

One from the photo collection


One or two wiggles but they got there in the end!