Three old photos – pre-Chasewater Heaths

Three old photos

pre-Chasewater Heaths

These photos came from Steve Organ’s Collection

Going round the bend (!) towards Chasewater Heaths.  Looks like Arthur Edwards in Hi-Viz, don’t know the other chap – sorry.

A shot of the pld Brownhills West station with, I believe, Kim Wilkins.

P.Way gang with DL7, I think.  There are two chaps who I don’t know, those I do know are Arthur Edwards, David Bathurst, the 2 don’t knows, then Dave Pearson, Les Emery and, at the front, a young helper, Jim Bates and Andy Clegg – not forgetting Beckie.

3 responses to “Three old photos – pre-Chasewater Heaths

  1. Courtney Thomas

    The other person is me Courtney Thomas

  2. The person behind the small child is Pete Aldridge. The guy with gthe beard on the right is Les Emery

    • Hello Bob, or should it be Elder Grimm? Thank you for your comments, most helpful. Barry Bull was pleased that you’ve been in touch, your name rang a bell so I asked him about you. I used to live in Brownhills but, until I joined the Railway in 2002, I had never been to that side of the ‘Pool’. I hope that you are keeping well in these difficult times, Best Regards, John

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