News – Scamp Unveiling

2008_0714Maquette In the Museum 2

News – Scamp Unveiling


  Mr. Ron Bradbury taking the maquette into the Heritage Centre.It was in July 2008 that Chasewater Railway was first introduced to the SCAMP project when Ron Bradbury and the Burntwood Chase Heritage Group brought the maquette to the Railway and ran a fish and chip special train to raise funds for the statue.  The maquette was proudly displayed in the Museum for a number of weeks before being shown at other venues.  Now, some five years later, the project is nearing its completion.

Scamp PonyThe pony model – and friends!

Scamp unveiling

Scamp resize 8Real progress being made

A statue to commemorate Burntwood’s mining heritage is to be officially unveiled on June 8th.

The 7 ft bronze memorial has been created by sculptor Peter Walker, who hails from the town, and will be sited at Sankey’s Corner.

The artwork was about five years in the making and was made possible thanks to public donations and £10,000 of funding from local developers.

Ron Bradbury, of Sankey’s Corner Arts Mining Project (SCAMP) said: ‘After many years of fundraising, the dream of a statue to stand on Sankey’s Corner is about to be fulfilled.’

No time has yet been set for the official unveiling, which is open for anyone to attend.  A book is being produced about the history behind Scamp and pit ponies and will be on sale at £10 each, containing a list of names on the plinth.  All profits will go to Scamp.

Anyone willing to help by providing food or entertainment, or with funding, should call 01543 677789.


4 responses to “News – Scamp Unveiling

  1. Lesley Pritchard

    I am delighted to see that the statue finally made it! I made my donation a long time ago in the name of my grandfather. I am not local – how can I buy a copy of the book?

  2. It was unfortunate to read of the death of Ron Bradbury on 5th September 2015 aged 73. Funeral was 28th September at Stafford.

    • Hi Steve, this was mentioned in the museum last weekend, the first we had heard of this sad event. Ron was a good friend of our museum.
      Thank you for letting us know,
      John (CWS)

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