Chasewater Railway Museum – July 2019 Newsletter

Chasewater Railway Museum 

July 2019 Newsletter


4 responses to “Chasewater Railway Museum – July 2019 Newsletter

  1. Raymond Borton

    Hi I have photos of C.R.C Wood Pit loco’s I worked on 1949-1960s if interested
    Ray Borton

    • Hi Ray,
      Yes, we would certainly be interested in having copies of your photos, please. Regards, John CRM


        Here are a couple of photos that I worked on at the Cannock Wood pit I am standing on the footplate of the LMS 50705 that was on loan for a while I fired and drove Progress Num 3 RayB


      • Hi Ray, thanks but I can’t see any photos. Strange. You could try sending them by email to Cheers Ray, regards, John CRM

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