Colour photos of Cannock Chase Loco ‘Foggo’

05443 Foggo 0-4-2ST Self-Build 1946 BP Design CCC Yard

Black & White photo of ‘Foggo’ taken in the Cannock Chase colliery Co. yard at Chasetown


‘Foggo’ was an unusual engine, 0-4-2ST being built at Chasetown in 1946 from spare parts supplied by Beyer Peacock and other spares accumulated over the years from other locos. The name came from the General Manager at the time – M.J.Foggo.BM13046EJ


These photos were taken by Bernard Mettam in winter 57/58 on a day with awful weather at Brereton.

These are the first colour photos of ‘Foggo’ that we in the Chasewater Railway Museum have ever seen, and were passed on to us, after enhancement, by Peter Stamper.  Thanks Pete.

‘Foggo’ ended her working life at Brereton Colliery, which closed in July 1960, and was scrapped by W.H.Arnott Young Co. Ltd in 1961.

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