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Chasewater Railway Museum – A very welcome new item.

Chasewater Railway Museum 

A very Welcome and surprising new item.

This was a surprise because, although I knew that the loco had existed, I had never even seen a photograph of it.

‘Brown’  was the fourth of five Beyer Peacock locos acquired by the Cannock Chase Colliery Company, 0-4-2ST No.794/1867, acquired new. Substantially dismantled in 1926 and some parts utilised to maintain the existing fleet.  The rest was scrapped.  John Newland Brown was Manager and Chief Engineer of the company around the late 1860s.  No-one seems to have a picture of this loco.

This item had been owned by a Cannock family with connections to the Cannock Chase Colliery Company.

The nameplate was acquired by the museum by way of the Midland Counties Railway Auctions.

If anyone should have a photograph of this locomotive, would you please let the Chasewater Railway Museum have a copy?