Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue – Signage

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue


Information signs, Warning signs, etc. from various companies, and our Signal Box Nameboards.

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Signal Box Nameboards

This is our collection of Signal Box Nameboards, some came to the museum many years ago and some since we have been housed in the Heritage Centre.

The Brereton Sidings bx nameboard is in the museum until it is required to be put back onto the box when it is sited at Chasewater Heaths.


This is one of our later nameboards, purchased by our Curator.

The branch was two miles in length and connected the railway to Newdigate Colliery which had commenced sinking its shaft in 1898. The exchange sidings was comprised of two sets of sidings; a set of three sidings of considerable length for stabling fully laden wagons and two reception sidings.


The Signal Box was situated down the line from the Cross Keys pub towards the canal and Cannock.


Situated 150 yards from Stafford Station


One of a pair of Nameboards taken on loan.


Another local board, from Cannock on the old LNWR line.


If you’ve got Cannock, you must have Hednesford!


Over to the Coventry area for Coundon Road.


Another from Coventry, Hawkesbury Lane Board.

586A GWR Nameboard from Buildwas –  a village in Shropshire, England, on the north bank of the River Severn.


From the Great Barr signal box, Birmingham.  Given to the museum by Frank Jennings, a long-time supporter of ours.


Dunstall Park on the GWR outside Wolverhampton.  Not a good picture, but, like the following board, very heavy!


Lower Yard Shed Box Cannock Road, Wolverhampton, GWR.







2 responses to “Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue – Signage

  1. I’d like to tell the story of how the Dunstall Park SB sign was recovered. But only if we are outside the statute of limitations. I did some work at Chasewater around 1965/6, when I was around 13yo. Must come back and see how it’s all changed. I remember a green Peckett tank engine and a small diesel shunter and a couple of brake vans. Not much more. Oh and loads of dust flying up from the ash tipping.

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