Chasewater Railway Museum – Tickets for Royal visits to New Street Station, Birmingham.

Chasewater Railway Museum 

Tickets for Royal visits to New Street Station, Birmingham.


A couple of tickets of interest in the museum collection are depicted here, these being donated to the collection many years ago.  With the assistance of the Transport Ticket Society we are now able to tell some of the story behind these two special tickets.  The tickets are two identically printed cards, the earlier of which (serial no. 18) is made out to Mrs. Smith for an event on july 14th 1938.  That is endorsed ‘Duke and Duchess of Gloucester’.  No.70 has the endorsement ‘King George VI   Queen Elizabeth’.

Each is accomanied by an identically worded typewritten note – ‘This permit will only be honoured at the Worcester Street entrance to the Queen’s Drive, New Street Station, L.M.S. Railway.  The holder or holders must be in their places in the reserved enclosure in the centre of the Queen’s Drive by 4.0 p.m.’

During their seven-hour Royal Visit on March 1 1939 the King and Queen officially opened the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, visited the Austin Aircraft Works at Longbridge and Cadbury’s at Bournville.  They were accompanied by the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, who was at the time the M.P. for Birmingham Edgbaston.




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