Chasewater Railway Museum – Amongst the miscellaneous trivia!

Chasewater Railway Museum

Amongst the miscellaneous trivia!


I know that this toasting fork should have been disposed of but it has been with the railway for so long that I didn’t have the heart to sling it.  It was used by someone on the railway or perhaps a P-Way gang working in the wilds of Chasewater Heaths as it was when they started working there!  So there it is – a genuine Chasewater Relic, crafted (?) by  one of the volunteers on the railway, it doesn’t take up much room and is tucked away in the stores and there I hope it will stay.

Of course, when the toast was made, it needed a rack to put it in, and we do have two of them – but somehow the fork and the racks don’t seem to go together.




Marked ‘St. Enoch’s Station Hotel’, which was in Glasgow, now demolished.

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