Chasewater Railway Museum – Three Clocks in the Museum

Chasewater Railway Museum

Three clocks in the museum

The first one is a station clock from the L&NWR railway, made by Joyce of Whitchurch, and is on loan to the museum.  This clock has its temperamental moments and is not too fond of being wound up – if moved even slightly from the vertical position it just doesn’t want to play, so if  you’ve got shaky hands, leave well alone!


 The second clock is a chiming mantlepiece clock presented to Mr. J.E.Garnett on his retirement by BR North Eastern region for 45 years service. By The Alexander Clark Co.Ltd., movement by Smith’s.  It was given to the museum by P.Arundale, grandson of Mr.Garnett.

When we first had the clock it was a very interesting exhibit as we never knew how many times it was going to chime – thirteen I think was the record!

It was cleaned and repaired and now chimes very sweetly as it is supposed to do – but it’s not the same, somehow.


Finally, the ‘next train departure’ clock.

I know – it should be at ten-to-two for a proper smiley face!


Once upon a time we had two of them.

E & S May 1970 Clock H-Ford to Chasewater

Photographed in the shed at Hednesford in 1970.

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