Chasewater Railway Museum Collection – Horseshoe shaped wagon plate

Among the latest additions to the Chasewater Railway Museum Collection:


Horseshoe-shaped wagon plate

The latest wagon plate to be put on display in ChasewaterRailwayMuseum is an example of one of the horseshoe-shaped variety of the Thomas Burnett & Co. Ltd., Doncaster.  The horseshoe shape was chosen by Burnett’s to reflect the importance of their base in Doncaster to the British horse racing scene. 

 Burnett’s were a well respected firm of wagon repairers with several repair depots.

 In 1951 the Company merged into Wagon Repairs Ltd. and the name ‘Burnett’ vanished.

3 responses to “Chasewater Railway Museum Collection – Horseshoe shaped wagon plate

  1. What are the height and width of this plate, please? It looks quite large.

    • Maybe not as large as it looks – 12″x 8″ I would guess. We are just starting to note the measurements of various items in the museum. Our first job was to list them as quickly as possible – now we must fill in more details.

      I will check on this wagon plate over the weekend and get back to you.
      John (CWS)

    • One out of two right in my guess – it’s 8″x 8″ and weighs about 4 lbs.
      John (CWS)

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