The Latest Addition to the Chasewater Railway Museum Loan Items

A new picture has been added, after some hard work by Pete Stamper

Chasewater Railway Museum

The Latest Addition to the

Chasewater Railway Museum Loan Items

Today, March 6th 2014, The Chasewater Railway Museum received a visit from members of the Industrial Railway Society.  The principal reason for this visit was for the IRS to receive, on loan, a nameplate from the locomotive ‘Rothervale No.0’ from Mr. Bernard Mettam, and in turn, and with Mr. Mettam’s approval, place it on loan with the Chasewater Railway Museum.

 Rothervale No.0 Nameplate


The above pic was taken on arrival, the one below was taken on 16-6-2015, after a little(!) attention from Pete Stamper.DSCF0792

‘Many industrial locomotives are names or numbered for identification purposes, or sentimental reasons.  For various reasons very few were given the number ’0’.  Perhaps the most famous in this category was locomotive ‘Rothervale No.0’ whose nameplate is displayed here.  The locomotive was cut up in October 1959, but fortunately both nameplates were rescued by…

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