A few new items in the museum, bought, donated and loaned!

Chasewater Railway Museum

A few new items in the museum, bought, donated and loaned!

DSCF9203First up, a fairly local wagom owner’s plate, from Florence Coal & Iron Co.Ltd. of Trentham. This is a recent purchase.


Next, two local  bricks to add to our collection – one from Walsall Wood Colliery and one from the Cannock Chase Colliery Co. I think I am right in saying that the Cannock Chase bricks came in three markings – CCC, CCCC and our latest – CCCCo. We have  a four Cs one and now a three Cs and Co – now we would like a three Cs one, so if anyone has one in the shed or somewhere, we can find a good home for it!

DSCF9229These two bricks were generously donated to us by our friends, the Burntwood Chase Heritage Group

Whistle croppedThis loco whistle is on loan from a member who is thinkning of buying an engine.  The engine he is thinking of hasn’t got a whistle at the moment so this will be a start!  It will also give our curator something to polish other than windows!!

It will be in the museum until needed to be fitted on the loco.

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