Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue – Toys & Games

Chasewater Railway Museum Catalogue

Toys & Games

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Toys and Games 2020 XL Files

Wooden Railway Models


A collection of wooden railway models hand-made by the late Mr. Eric Dee of Pelsall. (1931 – 2003)

Mr. Dee was a brown saddle maker by profession and made these toys for his grandchildren to play with.

He was a fine craftsman and amongst other interests made a fine collection of miniature saddles.

The collection has been kindly donated to the Chasewater Railway and Museum by his daughter, Mrs. Jackie Bedward.

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These models are not the sort which are correct in every detail, but are beautifully hand-crafted for children to play with, push-along style.  The wheels are made from plastic cotton reels cut in half and they run with one wheel on either side of the strip of leather.

1592 Children’s Book Timothy’s Book of Trains T.E.North Upstairs


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